American Aquatic – Supporting Emerging Brands

American Aquatic was founded to captivate customers by providing premium on-water activities, with a patriotic spirit, that transcend the shore into a unique retail offering allowing them to integrate the experience into their way of life. Strategically focused on emerging retail brands that share the same perspective on the enhanced freedom provided by the sea, American Aquatic offers a retail opportunity unlike any other in the area.

Fish Hippie

Fish Hippie really started by chance. Or by fate, if you want to look at it that way. We met at a dinner hosted by some mutual friends. During that initial chance meeting, the idea of Fish Hippie began to take shape. We talked about creating a brand that celebrates those times in our lives when you can escape the rat race, unwind, enjoy good times with friends and take the road less traveled.It is a celebration of the hippie-like dedication to your chosen lifestyle, the ability to escape the mundane and not be caught up in social demands — to be yourself and find balance in the world.


We started humbly but with a grand plan in 2008: To create the finest fishing apparel this world has ever worn, end of story. Launched in 2008 with a focus on elite anglers competing in top-tier tournament circuits, SCALES was born from a passion for the sea and the endless pursuit of adventure. Similar to the morphology of fish scales adapted through years of evolution in providing protection and hydrodynamic advantage, SCALES has since drifted into Every Degree of Water.

Reel Skipper

Reel Skipper was born out of the frustration and need to see more products tailored for women in the fishing world. Since inception, Skipper has grown significantly to provide options perfect for all water performance activities. Whether you’re cruising on the boat or casting lines off a paddle board, we believe in enjoying life to the fullest outdoors! We love creating collections that reflect creativity and authenticity for women to feel great in. We hope to inspire and empower others to follow their passions and explore the things that bring them happiness and tranquility.